Beautiful Views Off the Beaten Path: San Diego Fortuna Mountain Loop

I've been hiking once a week since my birthday. I usually just get a quick 3 mile hike in during the mornings but we did a longer hike this past Thursday. Fortuna Mountain Loop (Mission Trails) is my new favorite hike. It's pretty long, listed at 6.2 miles (our hike was 8.9 miles) but I swear it is soooo beautiful and totally worth it. San Diego is beautiful in so many ways.

The loop takes you to the summits of both South and North Fortuna Mountains.

Do the loop counterclockwise; South first so we could go up these steps.

Look at the view from the steps!

The top of the South.

Then off to the North. This photo is from a lookout point close to the North Summit. I could see clearly from Coronado to La Jolla's UTC area. Freakin amazing. So grand and breathtaking!

The top of the North had these ammo tins that contained journals. You could write in one or leave something behind. So rad.Here's a bit more info about the route we took.

I'd love to see your photos and your thoughts about your experience with these locations!

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