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Foodie Fake Out: “GUACAMOLE” Ice Cream Dip and Chips!

Who doesn’t love fun food?! This foodie fake out is pretty awesome– it looks like cool savory guacamole and chips but is really sweet avocado ice cream with strawberry bits accompanied with cinnamon sugar chips! Guacamole and chips, or is it? Sweet avocado ice cream with strawberry bits and cinnamon sugar chips! Living in San Diego, California, we get to indulge tirelessly on avocados year round. It’s one of my most favorite foods that I love enjoying in different ways, such as this delicious ice cream! My kids not only LOVE this ice cream and chips, but the fun presentation as well. It’s definitely a family favorite! Find more fun and delicious ice cream ideas here! Guacamole Ice Cream (avo

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